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Here in Colorado we have some extreme weather conditions that cause damage to our homes.  Hail and wind can cause more damage than you think; such as missing shingles and holes in shingles which can cause leaking and later rot if not taken care of right of way.  Hail causes the most damage in the Denver metro area.  When hail reaches over quarter size it can start causing damage to your home.  The areas of concern when it hails are roofs, siding, fencing, windows, shutters, gutters, and unfortunately your garden and plants.  If properly insured all of these repairs can be taken care of by your insurance company besides your garden and plants sorry.

Our pledge as your roofing contractor is to help you through this difficult time and make sure to put your house back to the way it was before or preferably better than before.  Our roofing contractors will be there through the whole process of construction from start to finish.  Customer satisfaction is what we are all about and giving you the knowledge and information that you need to help you through the process.  We specialize in residential roofing and will use only the best materials on your roof.  Roofing is what we are all about and are completely local and native to Colorado.

Let our roofing contractors help you and make this process as simple and easy as we can.  We will help you with your insurance claim and take all the pressure of the paperwork and make it as simple as possible.

We offer FREE INSPECTIONS from a professional roof contractor!

Most roofing companies in Denver are great local companies and will help you out, but in this industry you have to be wary of out of state companies.  The “fly by night” companies are those to watch out for, because roof repair is not their main concern.  It is to do as many jobs as they can and move on to the next hailstorm.  Now, not all of them are bad and we are not saying they will do a bad job it is just something to pay attention to while choosing your local roofers.  Choosing a roofer can be hard sometimes, because they are usually at your door hounding you right after a hailstorm.  We try not to hound you, but we do have to compete with our competitors, so there are times we are out knocking on your door.  One thing though, we will respect your no soliciting sign and will not be there an hour after it hails.

Not only do we specialize in roof repairs, but also, as a general contractor we can help you with all your construction needs.  We can help you with painting interior and exterior structures.  We can help in replacing or repairing your gutters with seamless steel gutters.  Siding can be damaged also in a hailstorm and we can help replace your siding.  So, we are not just your roofing company, but your contractor for all your improvement and remodel needs.

When looking for a roofer you have to look at the company’s reviews, references, and BBB.  This will help give you a little insight into the company and make sure you are not getting yourself into a sticky situation.  We have an A+ with the BBB, because we strive to help you no matter what and building good relationships is what we are all about.  We love to work on referrals, and that is why we strive to be the best roofers out there.  Our goal is professional roofing and making houses look like homes.

So if you need any roof repair in Colorado than give us a call for your FREE Inspection Now!