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Insurance Claims for Hail Damage

Just like wind claims, hail claims are a very common type of claim, and the insurance company is prepared to use their methods to control and minimize your settlement.

What is the best plan of action when an adjuster comes out to evaluate your property? Once again, it is making sure that you have the help that you need to stand up against them! Remember that speaking the “lingo” with the adjuster.

Below is some basic information about hail from the National Weather Service:

Sizes of hailstones:

1. Pea Size: ¼ of an inch in diameter.
2. Marble Size: ¾ of an inch in diameter.
3. Golf Ball Size: 1 ¾ of an inch in diameter.
4. Baseball Size: 2 ¾ of an inch in diameter.

There are two main factors that are considered when figuring out the possible damage from a hailstorm. First of all, the size of the hailstone must be considered, and secondly the force of the wind. Wind can, not only, effect how hard the hail hit your property, but also the direction that it hits. It can either fall strait down, or it can fall at an angle.

Another thing to consider after a hailstorm is that hail doesn’t just hit your roof. It can hit your siding, your gutters, cause destruction of your paint etc. So, it is important to investigate your entire property for damage.

Don’t let the adjuster fool you with flashy expressions or things that may not even make sense to you. Echo Restoration is here to provide all the help that you need to make this process effortless for you. 

1. Keep some of the largest hailstones in your freezer to prove the size of the hail.

2. If you have composition shingles, collect the particles of granite that accumulate in your rain gutters and downspouts.

3. Have the contractor complete a “hail damage inspection report”.

4. Take advantage of the fact that your neighbors were paid for their new roofs.

5. Do not accept and “appearance allowance”



  • Quality control inspections
  • Most roofs completed in 1 day
  • Jobs nailed only, no staples
  • We replace all valley flashings
  • Gutters cleaned of debris
  • Yard and drive clean
  • Yard rolled with magnetic roller to pick up loose nails
  • We use pre-painted vents (Baked Enamel)
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