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How Do I Choose A Denver Roofing Contractor That Will Best Represent My Needs?

1. Look at the person who is giving you the estimate. Is that person organized, helpful, clear, and knowledgeable about the process of the job?

2. Is the roofing contractor professional? Choose a person who demonstrates a professional manner, as this will reflect in their work.

3. Is your roofing contractor able to explain the process in simple terms that you are able to understand? If he/she is not able to do this, are you sure that the contractor even understands it for his or her self? Can they explain roof repair in Denver well?

4. Is your roofing contractor able to make available a lien release? This official document releases you of liability in the event that the roofing company does not pay the laborers or suppliers. This will keep them
from having the ability to file a lien on your home, which would make you accountable for unpaid debt.

5. How does your roofing contractor handle the process? Does he/she walk you through every step of settling your claim without delay or error? If your roofing contractor knows what he/she is doing, he/she will handle

6. Insurance paperwork can be very difficult to read. It may even seem like a different language to some. It is very important that your roofing contractor will take the time to break it down for you, helping you to
understand it in terms that are simpler.

7. Make sure that your roofing contractor is willing to put on your roof in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. This is very important because if it is not put under the terms of the manufacturer’s specifications, they will not provide a warranty on the work.

8. Another important thing to look for when choosing a roofing contractor is to make sure that the roofing contractor does not ask for all of the money up front. It is acceptable to give a partial payment when the
agreement is signed, but not before.

9. Ask your Denver roofing contractors whether they use nails or staples to secure the roofing material. If the roofing contractor says staples, it is time to send them home! Staples work their way out quickly, causing a loss of shingles after only a couple of years!

10. Another important item on your checklist should be whether or not the contractor uses a magnetic roller. The magnetic roller is used to pick up any nails that may have fallen onto the property during the job. They may be in your yard, on your driveway, or even in your bushes and plants. This will prevent injuries, flat tires etc.

11. Make sure that your Denver roofers will supply you with the documents that prove that they have proper qualifications? (i.e. general liability, worker’s compensation etc.) Is this documentation valid and up to date?



  • Quality control inspections
  • Most roofs completed in 1 day
  • Jobs nailed only, no staples
  • We replace all valley flashings
  • Gutters cleaned of debris
  • Yard and drive clean
  • Yard rolled with magnetic roller to pick up loose nails
  • We use pre-painted vents (Baked Enamel)
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